2007 mitsubishi eclipse convertible top problems

The top of your Mitsubishi Eclipse undergoes a great deal of stress over the lifetime of the car. If your sunroof, convertible top, or hardtop is leaking or broken, a repair can get the vehicle back into driving condition quickly.

With a wide selection, you can choose from a variety of replacement parts for Eclipse cars from every year of production. The soft-top convertible Eclipse features a rear window to increase visibility as you drive. The sunroof is a fixed glass panel in the top of some Mitsubishi Eclipse cars. Most sunroof panels pop up for extra ventilation, and many can be removed completely. You may also need to replace the motor for the roof.

A hardtop is a non-retractable top piece for a Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible. This type of top is usually effective if you live in a warm, dry area that does not require frequent roof coverage. You can remove the top during the summer, and replace it during the colder or rainier seasons to enjoy the shade, warmth, and coverage. Sunroof, Convertible, and Hardtop for Mitsubishi Eclipse The top of your Mitsubishi Eclipse undergoes a great deal of stress over the lifetime of the car.

What are the window types for a soft top? Plastic: These options are affordable, and they fold easily when you retract the convertible. What fabric types are there for convertible tops? Most tops are made with twill or sailcloth; each one has different features and benefits.

Sailcloth: Sailcloth is the standard material for many cars.

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Made from vinyl, the material is sturdy and waterproof; it usually features a vinyl outer layer and a cloth lining. These types of tops are sturdy and affordable, and designed for long-lasting UV resistance. The exterior of the top is often made with a woven texture that resembles actual cloth.

Twill: Twill, or canvas, is often an upgrade option for your car. This fabric is woven, so it creates a luxurious look. Canvas also helps reduce wind noise for the driver and passengers. What is a sunroof? What is a hardtop?Getting firsthand information from an actual car owner is one sure way to get an idea of car performance once it leaves the lot. Autobytel features real consumer reviews that give the unbiased experience of a car.

Great fun, terrific gas mileage and excellent sound system. Ease of putting top down is unbelievable almost as good as mercedes Pros: Quick, no fuss automatic and hide-a-way top-down operation. Mileage has not gotten better with miles driven so far.

Advice: Think hard about buying the GT with the larger engine. My smaller GS engine was less expensive and has excellent acceleration without requiring Premium gas. Pros: Love the styling, color, fit, finish, mileage, stereo. Advice: Test drive the car in the left lane of the freeway and release the wheel, I didn't do this until after I bought the carthe pulls quite noticably to the left, requires CONSTANT pressure to keep straight.

Pros: The entire package, styling, comfort and performance for a car of this price range. Would you recommend this to a friend? First name required. Max characters: Continue as a Guest.

Some content provided by and under copyright by Autodata, Inc. Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder Ratings Getting firsthand information from an actual car owner is one sure way to get an idea of car performance once it leaves the lot. Rate Your Car. Make: Mitsubishi Change.

Yes How long have you owned this vehicle? Recommend this vehicle to a friend? Cons: Small back seat. It's a fun and practical car rolled into one. I say check it out! My smaller GS engine was less expensive and has excellent acceleration without requiring Premium gas I have had NO problems with torque steer some have complained about.

Car drives perfectly with low road noise for a convertible. I love this drop-top. By the way, blind spots with the top up are normal for convertibles. Cons: Steering pulls to left, hot seats, poor turning radius, no light in trunk Advice: Test drive the xdrip widget in the left lane of the freeway and release the wheel, I didn't do this until after I bought the carthe pulls quite noticably to the left, requires CONSTANT pressure to keep straight.

I have had the car for only half of the month since I bought it.Dirty, or lack of oil can stop the tensioner from applying the correct tension to the timing Rain and Light Sensor Cover. Changing the oil at intervals between 8, and 15, miles.

I bought the car at 55k miles, and now it has 92k. The engine damage caused by running low on transmission fluid can cause catastrophic damage and an expensive rebuild. There is a fairly large quantity of oil in the sump oil pan. Also fits Ignoring a loose timing chain may lead to the chain snapping, which will result in major engine damage. The centrally located tailpipe extension protrudes slightly beyond the rear bumper and inadvertent contact may occur with a person's leg.

The car was ok for a few days, then, intermittently, the "putt putt" sound has come back. The engine oil light is coming on when braking, is the below true. Only a small portion of the oil is circulating through the engine at any one time. The new entry-level One features a more efficient 95 hp 1. I researched and found the only way to fix it was with this new housing. It should stay with the vehicle when sold to provide the next owner with important operating, safety and mainte-nance information.

The Bosch S Automotive Oil Pressure Gauge is capable of outshining several other automotive oil pressure gauge featured in this list in overall features.

Will only do it hot. But the symbols are there as you can see them during the day if the sun hits the gauges just right. Same thing happened again 2 days ago. A clogged oil sensor can give a false reading of low oil pressure, which will illuminate your oil light. So thankful. I put oil in and the light went out. The Vanos system that you likely have in your BMW uses oil pressure to control the position of the intake and exhaust camshafts using a gear on the Vanos actuator and on the camshaft.

However, the car would quickly go back to running poorly. Whether you own a Mini built between and or plan on buying one, be aware of these issues.Reliability is one of the most important factors to many car buyers, and to help inform your choices we conduct our annual What Car?

Reliability survey in association with MotorEasy. To find out which are the most dependable brands, and which are most likely to let you down, we asked more than 16, readers if their cars went wrong in the previous 12 months and, if they did, how severely, and how much they cost them in repairs.

Here we take a deep dive into the data to reveal the most and least reliable car brands for cars aged up to five years old. While most lived up to their reputations — good and bad — there were also some big surprises. The What Car? Reliability Survey is now open. The examples of the HS large SUV we were told about were almost completely faultless, earning it a reliability rating of Although the ZS family SUV was slightly less robust — in both petrol and electric form — cummins isx 15 low fuel rail pressure was also one of the more dependable options in its classes.

For example, petrol and diesel versions of the previous-generation Soul small SUV were completely faultless over the past year. Other models such as hybrid versions of the outgoing Niro were also impressive, but the Stinger executive saloon blighted what was an otherwise-stellar record. One of the six completely faultless cars over the past year was a Mazda; none of the CX-3 small SUVs we were told about set a foot wrong.

The rest of the range was also fairly solid, with the previous-generation Yaris small car and the current Corolla family car standing out in their classes as especially robust options.

The Suzuki Swift small car has long been a favourite of young drivers because of its zesty performance and low cost, and now reliability can be added to the list thanks to its score of The Vitara family SUV was also solid, but the outgoing SX-4 S-Cross prevented Suzuki from climbing any higher up this list because of its mediocre record for dependability.

Despite sharing many parts with sister brand Kia, it was Hyundai which came out better this year. All of its petrol and diesel models proved to be exceptionally solid, but the complex Kona Electric was a detractor from its overall score, recording a measly That makes it one of the least dependable electric cars on sale.

The good thing about building simple cars using proven technology is that it means all the creases should have already been ironed out. That much is true for Dacia, which generally repurposes Renault parts to great effect. The previous-generation NX large SUV was a popular choice in our survey, yet went wrong for so few owners that it scored Plug-in hybrids can reduce fuel consumption to an absolute minimum, but which models are the best all-rounders and which should you avoid?

Our chief photographer wanted an SUV that brought more than a touch of fun to a gruelling daily routine. How does the Ford Puma ST stack up? The Volkswagen ID. Which it the better buy? What Car? View all new car reviews. Car deals. View all deals. The most reliable car brands Reliability rating:Partial load. They put in new fuse and it ran fine till this week.

A misfire may occur when your engine is idling, causing a rough or uneven idle. Sometimes a misfire may feel like a vibration. A full JB4 tune and warranty on a component directly effected, that's asking a lot. Solve your misfires, lean codes, rough idle The N54 is an excellent engine which great tuning potential, but it has yet to prove itself against BMWs engine lineage.

The Delphi Ignition Coil is designed to resist the melting. N54 misfire guide. Change cause d by N Fortunately, misfire codes on the N54 are generally an easy fix. The fan will be loud! M54 Replacement Water Pump. Past: Due to the engine design, the N52 has proved more reliable than it's bigger brother, the N Let's say you get cylinder 1 misfire.

A fuel rail delivers high-pressure fuel, like gasoline, to injectors.

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Based on my own n54 twin turbo pre lci. Clarks tune I get like misfires every WOT. Leak should present itself and should be traceable.

I had just finished getting a used larger fuel tank and pickup installed. Proper timing is all-important to the thermo-efficiency of the engine. Getting my compressor this week for a BLT. Increase throttle any way without going WOT, and pressure stays put. Changed cam position sensor, didn't solve problem. Engine temperatures are elevated. No biggie, swapped, and we were off again. The annual average repair cost in my experience seems reasonable.

Hey guys just started having an issue again where under light load cruising under rpm the car stutters like a misfire but never gets a cel. I have already replaced injectors with rev12, new plugs, and carbon cleaning 6k miles ago.

Which happens to be 3 times more than your truck weighs! Submit below. The first thing to keep in mind is that fuel burns at a certain rate in an engine regardless of the rpm. Once in 4th, engine hits major stutters and cannot recover or gain revs until throttle is let off. Not sure the psi is causing your idle problems.

2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT-P Road Test

There have been countless N54 Powered project cars built all over the world. No CEL of any kind was present. Dirty fuel injectors may cause your vehicle's engine to misfire. Another common reason for misfire is spark plug gap.The new entity went on to integrate elements from Twin-turbo engine and horsepower under the right foot.

This is definitely not the car you would take for running errands or driving your kids to the aren There are very few convertibles on the market that can tackle off-road terrain or winter conditions with ease. Favourite added temporarily.

To add it to your profile, you will need to sign in. News Quality car insurance coverage, at competitive prices. Ask for a car insurance quote today. What's fascinating is that once our cranial hair is challenged by the wind, and our foreheads get roasted like a turkey in the oven, the rest of the good and bad points of the car probably aren't important anymore. You see, we purchase a convertible for one sole reason: to maximize our exposure to the little sun and nice weather that we have during summer.

Ok, ok, we don't buy just any convertible, we choose one that we like. We choose one that also has style and one in which we'd like to be seen behind the wheel of. The fourth-generation Mitsubishi Eclipse, the second sold on Canadian soil and the third to be available topless, has all the merits mentioned above, and others.

It also has a few irritants. Top up, top down, it turns heads. From any angle, the curves on this car are very attractive. Mitsubishi did well in drawing a body devoid of lumps, bumps and character lines, unlike the previous generation, and I think they created a superb design.

The beltline that rises at the rear gives it a very nice look when viewed from the profile of the car. Even the door handles are round. What I particularly like about the Eclipse, is that it's always attractive, even with the top up. Other convertibles have tops that don't seem to assimilate with the lines of the car; in the Eclipse's case, the fluidity of the silhouette is sustained.

As for the top's operation, nothing could be easier. After releasing the two latches, we activate the power top with the help of a button located above the shift lever. In a few seconds, the windows lower, the rear window lifts up, the tonneau cover lifts up backwards, the top folds in like an accordion and hides itself, right before the cover closes back down. I prefer convertibles that have metal tops that are lowered in 2 or 3 sections, but if I absolutely had to choose a model with a cloth top, the Eclipse would be one of my choices.

In addition, the windows lower a centimetre or two when you open the doors, and rise back up when the doors are closed; it improves the car's water-tightness and contributes to reduce wind noise. On the road The GT-P is equipped with a 3.Your Mitsubishi has a belt tensioner working in sync with your serpentine belt to keep your engine parts working correctly.

The same issues continued with the Outlander, with the top user categories of concern focusing on the engine and the suspension, while the NHTSA lodged very few complaints for this model year, showing some of the safety issues Mitsubishi Outlander The Mitsubishi Outlander is a mid-size crossover manufactured by Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors.

Off when you the mitsubishi airtrek turbo housing, so spacers were needed to make sure the sides. Reference book «Fluid type : automatic transmission Mitsubishi». The 4G6 gasoline engines were the favoured performance variant for Mitsubishi. Failed air flow sensor at km - replaced and costs a bomb. A convertible body style was added during the model year. The original Airtrek name was chosen to … I recently acquired a Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo, in some countries, it is sold as Outlander.

Fill up your details and we will be there as soon as possible. Works engineering original fuel rail Evo vr4 Mitsubishi. The original name Airtrek was chosen because it …These Mitsubishi forklift service manuals by model number are listed below by forklift model and manual type. Classified Ad. Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo 2. Mitsubishi Canter 3. It … 3k miles. Overall Rating for this model 1 Reviews 4. Mitsubishi enjoys a long history as a Japanese auto company.

Perfect for swap into Evo 5 to Evo 8. Curiously the plugs have mitsubishi stamped on them although they are denso plugs. Available transmissions include: 4-speed shiftable automatic. You'll need a T28 or 16G turbo in order to achieve the hp goal. Your serpentine belt is what keeps your alternator, power steering, and other components are working perfectly.

I have quite a rare car here in the UK. Includes intake plenum, ex manifold and some ancillaries as pictured. As most smaller caravans two and four berth ones weight between kg and kg, you shouldn't have any problem towing one with a Outlander. Mitsubishi Outlander ZG radiator 3. Mitsubishi 4G63 2. Im having a few problems and im really struggling to find any info to help me. Its a Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo. Spares Wtd: Need steering wheel for airtrek - Ukraine.

Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. Initially, when sales began in japan, it was called the mitsubishi airtrek and was based on the concept car mitsubishi asx, shown in at the north american international auto show. Hey I have a spyder eclipse and my top want go down and its stopping enerbiom.eu opening my trunk i think its a fuse problem I was wondering were are the.

Can't get it to stop. Have tried several times putting top up and down. It seems Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. Maintenance & Repair. I have a Spyder GT and just started enjoying the summer weather here in I know if you have problems you can manually move the roof. enerbiom.eu › › 4th Generation. 4th Generation - Convertible Top Issues - My fiancée has an 07 spyder and for a while when she'd put the top Now she's having problems with the top closing.

enerbiom.eu › › DSM Tech Articles › Articles: Spyder-Specific. One very common problem with the 2g Eclipse Spyder roof system, and one that will effect all cars at some point, is the elastic straps.

enerbiom.eu › › Performance & Tech Forums › Problem Reports. I'm having some problems with the electric rise and lowering of my convertible top. When I press the "down" button all four windows lower.

The convertible top on my Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT is refusing to go all the What seems to make the problem better or worse? These are books containing info on repair, service, troubleshooting, parts info, SOURCE: MItsubishi eclipse spyder Convertible top stuck open. Hot weather often causes weak batteries to die. Try a jump start and go to AutoZone for a battery and charger test.

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Read full answer. Jun 11, • When you are able to, again locate the trap door that covers the petcock and give it a good snug. This is a problem we ran in to on models. K not-so-daily driver, now that I'm retired. Had the convertible top replaced (second time since I bought the car in '07).

Also had most of. Convertible top does not go down all the way. Design flaw causes the top stack control links to bend upon opening and closing the top. The replacement parts. OEM Mitsubishi Eclipse Convertible Top Hydraulic Hinge Cylinder RH |T (Fits: Mitsubishi Eclipse).

$ Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. Hydraulic convertible systems use the same principle regardless if you drive Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Porche, Lexus, Mustang, Chrysler, or Mitsubishi Eclipse. Let. Buy Compatible With Mitsubishi Eclipse Convertible Soft Top Replacement Black Twill Vinyl: Body - enerbiom.eu ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible. Just bought an 04 mitsubishi eclipse spyder with only miles on it. The only problem is that with this nice weather weve had Id like to.

Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Spyder Spyder FWD L I4 SOHC MIVEC 16V* Vehicle pricing includes all offers and Convertible roof, power.