Lucas girling brake conversion

Volkswagen recommends a complete check for damage or leaks, brake pad thickness, and a check of the fluid level every 10, miles. They also recommend that you change the brake fluid every two years regardless of mileage.

Use only DOT-4 brake fluid. A complete visual inspection of the brake area can be accomplished much easier if the wheel is removed in order to gain access. You should also inspect the surface of the disc rotor and see if there is any abnormal grooving or pitting occurring. If the rotors don't look smooth and shiny, then the brake pads have worn unevenly and a further diagnosis might be needed.

Also look for any grease or oil on the disc or brake pads which could indicate a leaking brake line or caliper seal. I strongly suggest that if you go to the trouble of removing the wheel to inspect the brakes, that you take a photograph of both the front and rear caliper assemblies. Additionally, you should examine each caliper to see if you can determine the brand name, either Lucas-Girling or ATE and the VW part number of the disc rotor.

This part number is cast into the ring which is in-between the five lug bolt holes and the center hub. Write this information down as it will become very valuable whenever you need to order new brake pads. NOTE - In order to replace the rear axle brake pads, you need to turn the piston as you compress the caliper. You can consult this Glenn-Mitchell Brake Repair booklet but note that it was originally intended for the VW Passat but also contains specific information about the EuroVan.

Procedures for brake repairs on both vehicles are nearly identical anyhow. Otherwise, follow the advise from some other owners as detailed below.

Replaced original rear brake pads after "Check Brake Pad" light illuminated at 75, miles. Upon removal, old pad plus backing plate measured Brake disc measured Replacement of one wheel's pads at a time was fairly simple using following procedure. Remove parking brake cable its end is bulb-shaped and can be slipped off the arm on the brake-carrier by using a screwdriver.

Remove and dispose of the two 13 mm attachment bolts from the brake caliper housing using a 16 mm thin open-end wrench to prevent the guide pins from turning. Remove brake caliper housing by prying with large screwdriver and support the housing to prevent damage to brake hose.

Pry off and dispose of retention spring that clips into brake caliper housing to secure wire for wear indicator. Compress brake caliper while turning caliper clockwise using a piston resetting tool makes this step simple. Caution book parts terms required to prevent brake fluid reservoir from overflowing when the brake caliber is compressed.Late last year I did manage to find a second hand pair of Lucas calipers along with their associated carriers and mounting bolts.

Unfortunately I was not so lucky with the condition of the calipers as with those I sourced for the front axle project. They were too far gone to be of use. Soon after whilst browsing through Milweb, I noticed an ad by Rodney Rushton of the MVT for some laser cut disc brake brackets to allow for the use of Suzuki calipers on war time jeeps. That would certainly save time on getting a pair cut myself.

Looks like I now had everything I needed to proceed with my rear axle project. However, after converting the front axle on my Hotchkiss jeep back in to disc brakes, I noticed that although they provided a much greater stopping power, the effort required at the pedal remained the same.

After a long drive in the jeep my right knee would begin to ache. I figured there were 2 ways to overcome this. The original Master Cylinder MC I was using was designed to function with a drum not a disc brake set up and discs do seem to prefer the added boost of a servo to get the best out of them. My original plan was to fit it up on the firewall where the horn would normally sit. Try as I may I could not get the unit to fit in this space.

Those of you with wartime jeeps have the option to fit a booster behind the driver side headlamp but with a 24V Hotchkiss, the air cleaner occupies this space. The only other logical space was up on the firewall the other side of the engine block. Unfortunately that is taken up by the voltage regulator VR unit. I got to thinking how I could get rid of the VR unit. When I mentioned all these proposed modifications to Gareth Wear, he said that I was going to end up with a modern jeep!

I got back in touch with Rodney Rushton and got him to send me one of his 24V alternator kits. Including all the redundant bracketry, it all weighed a ton!

Booster bracket made from some thick alloy plate found kicking around my garage. The fitting instructions for the booster are very specific in that xethru module needs to sit angled upwards between 25 and 45 degrees with its air control valve assembly at the half past four position.

I then had to extend the brake lines up from the MC to the booster and then back down via an inline 2lb residual pressure valve RPV to the T junction where the lines split above the axle to each caliper. Alongside is an inline coupling between the MC and the booster. It seemed the obvious place to create a junction as it was too tortuous a run to connect with one section of tubing. The booster also needed a vacuum feed running off the intake manifold. It was then a matter of routing a thick-walled rubber vacuum hose above the engine block back to the booster.

I figured that as I was increasing the hydraulic fluid pressure to the calipers, it may be wiser to swap my older calipers already mounted to the front axle and replace them with the newer units that I had bought for the rear.This kit is suitable for all wire wheel cars with original drum front brakes.

The kit consists of all parts needed to convert to front discs including Girling calipers. These Girling calipers will fit all disc brake cars, except BJ8 and very early Dunlop discs. They allow the use of the larger BJ8 size pads and are essential if you require good quality pad materials.

Girling disc brakes

Road or race, front or rear, callipers should always be centred to the disc. This fit all the models except those using BJ8 one piece stub axles. It is to the works Homologated sizes. Lockheed Independent Servos. Does not fit original mounts and some cars may require a different master cylinder. These are Teflon pipes with how to measure snap fasteners steel braiding which have a greater resistance to abrasions and do not swell under high brake line pressures, therefore giving a better pedal feel.

Each kit consists of two front and one rear pipe. We cater for every aspect of work on your classic car be it road, race or rally, using our unrivalled success in many aspects of Motorsport to make your car as successful and reliable as possible. If purchasing online the UPS carriage calculator will automatically calculate the postage cost. Please be assured that our Parts Team will always double check all postage charges to ensure the most cost effective method of postage is given on the final dispatch.

We use the latest encryption and enhanced security certificates to secure our site ensuring you can shop safely online. Girling Brakes Show: 10 15 25 50 75 Add to Cart. Anti-Squeal Kit M16 Calipers. Caliper Repair Kit - type Clip for Pad Pin. Thick front disc Lightened. Thick Front Disc. Front Brake Pads - DS Front Brake Pads - Brake Servo non Standard.

Competition Brake Servo. Non Return Valve - in-line. Code: Sku: Availability: In Stock. Castrol Performance Brake Fluid. A Little About Us Secure Payment HSBC Secured System We use the latest encryption and enhanced security certificates to secure our site ensuring you can shop safely online. E-Mail sales bighealey.The Tokico ones seem easier to come by with quite a few aftermarket suppliers manufacturing their own replacement ones should you not trust to a set taken off a salvage vehicle.

My current set up just on the front axle does require a similar push on the brake pedal as with the drums, the difference being it has a massively increased effect.

The old drums just used to stop you when they stopped you, no amount of extra pressure ever seemed to make the slightest difference. Further to my original article, here are a couple of updates. However, even with the Adjustable Proportioning Valve dialled out to reduce the hydraulic pressure as much as possible, the rear sometimes gives the impression of locking up before the front.

When tightening the wheel nuts to secure the front wheels, the inner profile of the Hotchkiss non-combat wheel means that it rests upon the edge of the inner disc assembly leaving a space behind the wheel nuts.

The gap. To prevent this, I temporarily packed this out with a couple of washers over the wheel lugs between the disc and the wheel so the wheel now tightens against the washers not the disc edge. Not an ideal solution I know but this was an unexpected issue and one I soon rectified by replacing the washers with a universal fit 4 X 4 alloy 5mm thick spacer 5 hole fitment, 5.

Last Autumn I was asked about the suitability of this conversion by someone wishing to use the Wartime Combat Split rims. Firstly, I tried using 2 of my 5mm spacers. With the wheel nuts only done up finger tight and spinning the wheel, you can see from the picture above that it took off a small chip of paint from the wheel sorry Gareth!

So then I tried using three 5mm spacers and that gave ample clearance. These both sit against the original brake drum which means that the rim is not supported immediately around the wheel lugs as they are tightened down. A bit of a design flaw if you ask me although one that has been rectified on the Hotchkiss where there is no void between the wheel rim and the drum assembly.

Due to the profile of the combat rim it would be very tricky to machine a spacer to take up this void, especially as the rims I looked at were quite bent out of shape. Basically if you took the dimensions of the disc central body, that would be ideal for the spacer. In other words, use the disc as a spacer template. Hope this helps any of you attempting this brake conversion. Nigel Hudson. Jeep Disc Brake Conversion Update. By Nigel Hudson — Weald Group. Hotchkiss wheel plus 5mm spacer.

Combat rim with 10mm spacer. Combat rim with 15mm spacer. Universal Spacer dimensions are too small to use on Combat rim. Use disc as spacer template inner diameter mm, outer mm.GA10 Britbike forum member.

Registration no. Collection in person. Not been used for a while. Ph As well as giving a clean look to the engine, with the pushrod passages part of the cylinder block casting, unit construction reduced the number of places oil could leak from. Bsa super rocket gold star replica. Hemet, California. This bike has been fully sorted through top to bottom and has had its restoration documented. Easy starter, runs and rides just as it should.

See the bikes the way the looked in the true vintage days! Magneto recondt Year ; Mileage miles; Engine size cc Grid. The Super Rocket was first introduced into the BSA roster in time for the season, and it came in as a sporty model that replaced the Road Rocket which, in … Model changes each year for USA Super Rocket Models The following model differences and model descriptions are based on BSA sales literature for standard items for Super Rockets from From the Best of Show Collection.

Posts: 2. A British manufacturer established inBSA was at one time the world's largest motorcycle producer before going defunct in Phone: This is the real thing with a letter of authenticity from the BSA Owners Club describing its initial sale in the United States in It is in its original "Princess Gray" paint rare color for the year.

When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Many more would be sold in the USA in and I think the part number is but this number is not in my parts book and I ordered the wrong valves.

It sits proudly on Dunlop rims, and is an absolute stunner! It is kept indoors in a heated room as part of a private collection.

MK1 Caddy Brakes

For further questions please contact original owner at Select any BSA model. DA10R This vehicle will be sold at auction, and is not available for direct purchase. Each parts book includes "export" Models A. Compression could be raised from to This has had the same owner since Comes with check report.Torque per manufacturers specs. Connect bridge pipe to cylinder torque ft. Reinstall Spring Brake Chamber. Put on shoes, drum, tires, wheels and hub via vehicle manufacturers recommendations.

Attach tube to bleeder screw, and place other end of tube in container Gasket cannot be used again. Remove: Any corrosion or rust that may have accumulated on the Backing Plate with a wire brush. Attach a tube to the bleeder screw. Place other end of tube into container to catch brake fluid. Carefully pump brake pedal to eliminate brake fluid. Dispose of brake fluid properly Remove wheels, tires, drums, shoes and lining. Remove parking brake spring chamber Remove bridge pipe from backing plate.

Do not reuse gasket. Remove any corrosion or rust that may have formed with a wire brush. Valve is working whether vehicle is running or parked. This will not prevent all leakage, as some leakage in this system is acceptable. The brake fluid is designed to absorb water caused by condensation. The fluid should be changed every two years to avoid water contamination. As the fluid becomes contaminated with water condensation, the fluid looses the ability to protect the metal parts in the system and rust will begin to form.

Note: Rust tends to turn black when introduced to brake fluid and heat thus resulting in black fluid. Distortion to the piston seals can be caused as the brake system cools and the fluid returns to the master cylinder. As the fluid returns to the master cylinder reverse force can be applied to the piston seals resulting in distortion and leakage.

If the KSH parking brake chamber leaks fluid into the park cylinder, the fluid will cause the park cylinder seals to swell, resulting in leakage and fluid contamination. Note: Some KSH parking brake chambers are air operated. Replace all affected adjusted cylinders. Install an RC01 check valve. Replace the affected backing plates, The KSH parking chambers and flush the system.

This can crack.

Jeep Rear Axle Disk Conversion Project

Figure 6. O-Ring Seals Lip seal design seals are used on Corvette. Consumer - Read and follow these instructions. Keep them with the trailer for future. It consists of the reservoir tank, which contains the brake fluid; and the piston and. The author cannot guarantee the accuracy.

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Consult your truck or trailer manufacturer s maintenance manual for proper. All axle shafts consist of a shaft. The information presented. After replacing brake pads and before moving vehicle, depress brake pedal several times firmly to properly.

The cooling system is pressurized when the engine is warm. When opening the expansion tank, wear gloves and other appropriate protection, cover the cap.Search this site. Instructions - Read Me First. General Information. Morgan Group Discussion Forum. Wiki To-Do List. Fault Finding. Periodic Checks. Oil Changes. Front Suspension Greasing.

Damper Blade Adjustment. Air Filter Change. Corrosion Protection. The Morgan Tool Box. Coventry Climax. Fiat Twin Cam cc and cc.

Ford CVH. Ford Duratec. Ford Kent. Ford Sigma. Ford V6. Ford Zetec Engines to Rover M Rover T Rover V8. Standard Special. Standard Vanguard Engine. Triumph TR. Body Frame. Building a Body Frame. Door Hinge Post Reinforcement. Front mudguard wing cracking. Fuel tank. Paint Codes. I have a nice F w/ The Lucas Girling brakes BUT my truck NEEDS wheel cylinders and rear brake shoes to pass a state inspection.

Would like to go disc, but would entertain any options at this point, the truck off if you can't stomach the Lucas Girling brakes. › forums › hypothetical-question-about-lucas-girling-brak. I have Lucas Girling brakes So I have been thinking about if a wheel cylinder fails on me when I am driving and I absolutely need to stop. › hydraulic-brake-calipers- › lucas-girling. More than years of intensely focused innovation, Haldex holds unrivaled expertise in brake systems and air suspension systems for heavy trucks.


As the title says I've got an 88' F with the Lucas brake system. Wheel cylinder on ps started to leak so time to disassemble. The Fords you are seeing have the God-forsaken Lucas-Girling brake systems. They were a traditional hydraulic system (front disk. I would say swap out the brake fluid, I have the same set on a f ford with our crane on it. I never had a problem at all. If the cylinders are leaking. F With Lucas Girling park brake. On your parking brake conversion, What I have seen people do is copy what the GM top kicks did.

Lucas Girling Brake Components for heavy duty trucks, buses, tractors and more. Power Brake Sales is a family owned and operated business specializing in. Lucas Girling brake components such as: Backing Plates, Cylinders, Maxi Brakes, and Residual Check Valves.

Buy Brake Assembly w/ Backing Plate - Drum / Hydraulic - Remfd - H/D Truck Lucas Girling (Ford) Haldex - MBI RHX online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. Brake Caliper VW Golf Corrado G60 Conversion Lucas Girling 54 ATE Front Axle right. Artikelnummer: Bremssattel für Vorderachse rechts vom VW Golf. Hi all. Im doing the G60 Corrado 11" brake conversion on my MK1 cabriolet using the MMP adapter brackets. Im having trouble finding a. brake up grade. Hybrid/Swap Forum · Rear disc brake conversion Golf III & Jetta III · Can i use the parts off a Passat to cpnvert my MKII into.

Not real good with hydraulic brakes, but trying to take the drum off. i repeat VERY expensive for the Lucas Girling brake system. Got it from a friend and started a restoration until I hit the Lucas Girling road block. I'm Working on the rear brakes.