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Doubtfire Forgive the crappy quality — it was the best we could find, but watching Robin Williams cycle through hawk squadron promo code and stereotypes was perhaps the highest point of the '90s. Pretty Woman Of course, this scene is less about the makeover and more about the fabulous Julia Roberts returning to the jerk of a salesperson who was rude to her the day before and rubbing all of her spending in her face.

My Fair Lady While this is less of a "makeover" and more of a transformation for more of an extreme makeover, try the original movie, Pygmalionbut My Fair Lady is the ultimate tale of getting one's life revamped. Clueless While this isn't the exact Tai makeover montage, you've got the song, you've got the hair-washing scene, and you've even got the big reveal.

We think you'd agree: This is the ultimate makeover to end all makeovers. She's All That Some point out that Laney Boggs had less of a makeover and more of a "taking-off-glasses, putting-on-dress," but it's the attitude that counts.

Of course, we all know that Laney is still Laney, because no amount of lip gloss can hide innate clutziness. Encino Man The part that is unbelievable about Encino Man 's plot has less to do with a neanderthal showing up in California who is willing to embrace '90s popular culture, and more to do with the fact that a cool guy like Stony Pauly Shore would ever hang out with a jerk like Dave Sean Astin.

Skip navigation! Story from Entertainment News. Cue The Montage! The Best Makeover Scenes, Ever! Leila Brillson. The movie makeover is such a hallowed tradition that Not Another Teen Movie appropriately skewered the trope with an incredible moment, when the removal of glasses prompts the heroine to new social heights. Second only to "the training montage," the makeover montage is the most literal way to demonstrate character evolution, but with a rock-n-roll soundtrack and a whole lotta high-fives.

Of course, nine times out of 10, the makeover only obscured the real coolness of the character in question, something the audience and sometimes, the fictional person tends to realize in the end. Cruel, unusual, and yet thoroughly awesome, this lates gem is full of hard truths about vanity and popularity, plus a lot of cropped cardigans we can't help but love. The whacky fade-ins and voiceovers are what make this scene worth watching over and over again!

And that Amanda Bynes is an awesome soccer star, too. Welcome to Love Like This? Major spoilers for The Matrix Resurrections ahead. The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth film in.

Black trailblazers who are reminding the world tha. After the K-pop veteran went solo and there was no album in sight, some worried her moment to take over the world had passed.We have lots of great conversations, we'd love you to join us, click here. Scenes of bodily transformation in film via Machine? October 7, PM Subscribe I'm looking for clips or scenes of extreme bodily transformation in science fiction films via machine or a mechanical process.

For example: "The Fly. Thank you! The first Captain America movie. In the film Adolescence of Utenaa girl is sucked into a gigantic mechanical car wash and transformed into a racecar. No knowing if anime will qualify for what you want, but it is from the motion picture not the [vastly superior] series, and an example of exactly what you're asking for. The surprisingly creepy scene from Superman 3 in which a malevolent supercomputer transforms a woman into a robot.

A classic example of this is the transformation scene in An American Werewolf in London. Ooops except I totally managed to miss the the caveat about changing via machine or mechanical process.

Oh well. It's still a great clip! Universal Soldier. You can see a bit of the transformation at the beginning of this trailer. There's a Japanese sort of cult movie from the 80's called Tetsuo: The Iron Man, which is about a guy who transforms into sort of a partly-mechanical biomechanoid, uh, thingie.

For some reason. I don't know, it's been a long time and I'm hazy on the details, but you can see a bit of it in the trailer, which is probably NSFW for phallic placement of power tools, and general weirdness. The video game Quake IV has the "Stroggification" cinematic in which the captive human player-character goes through, in first-person, a mostly-mechanized process of being transformed into a cyborg Stroggone of the game's enemy troops, but thanks to some intervention by the Good Guys, the neurological enslavement bit at the end doesn't work, and so the player remains in control of his new, more advanced body.

It's kinda horrifying anyway. Cartoon gore Along the lines of the reconstruction of Leeloo in The Fifth Element, the character Kruger Sharlto Copley has his face substantially blown apart and is reconstructed by machine in this scenewhich starts with a very gory view of his damaged face.

In the same movie, Matt Damon's character gets an exoskeleton bolted on to his body, but it's humans using hand tools like air-wrenches. Seconding Superman III. Looks cheesy now, but that scene really upset and disturbed me as a kid. The movie "Ice Pirates" has this scene in which prisoners endure an assembly line which will transform them daymak problems castrated slaves.

It starts be being shaven by human workers, an ends with a machine that performs the particular medical alteration but our heros are saved, so we never see it happen on screen which would take it out of the realm of action-comedy.

Doctor Who's "Cybermen" are udemy mikrotik from unwilling subjects; I think I recall there was a factory to turn humans into Cybermen in "Army of Ghosts" memorable because it had Freema Agyeman, a future Companion, in a bit-role as a cyberman victim. TVTropes has Unwilling Roboticisation which may be a fruitful jumping-off point. Aaaand I missed it in the very first comment.

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Sorry, don't mind me, I'll show myself out. Steve Austin, astronaut.With upon us, many people are in resolution mode working on New Year changes for themselves. A fresh transformation is how many people start the year every January, trying to find ways to improve or simplify their lives. While some changes are minimal, others might deal with a personality overhaul or a complete physical transformation to be the person they see in their minds.

Whatever metamorphosis we might want, none are as drastic or visually stunning as the kind we see in movies. Dating back to the silent film era with movies like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydeto The Wolf Man of the Universal Monsters, audiences have been enthralled and fascinated by these astonishing transformations of man into something else.

The creations of famous monsters and heroes, often are also some of the most iconic celluloid scenes we remember. Not all transformations have to be big visual effects extravaganzas. Sometimes the most effective and chilling changes come from the subtle tweaks an actor gives through a performance. A small-time criminal, Verbal is a feeble man, invisible to most people who come across him. In a matter of seconds, he turns from a weak man into a powerful villain.

That twist ending transformation also turned Kevin Spacey from a character actor into a bona fide star. Arguably the best installment so far is the original Transformerswhich gave us the first live-action versions of the Autobots and Decepticons. Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Bumblebee might be the most known of the bunch, but the coolest on-screen transformation goes to villain, Starscream.

When the hype machine was building for the film, one of the most talked about and replayed moments of the trailer is when Starscream transforms from his Decepticon robot form into an F fighter jet. A comedic genius, Eddie Murphy is seen as a funny man and rightfully so with a long list of comedy feature films and stand-up specials. In the lead role of Sherman Klump, Murphy plays a loveable but obese scientist, who creates a formula to lose the weight.

A comedic retelling of the Dr. Hyde story, the experiment goes haywire as the formula turns Sherman into the slim but devious Buddy Love. The hilarious physical transformation was accomplished using CGI and practical effects. The result had audiences chanting: " Hercules! If someone ever approaches you with glowing red eyes and deep demonic voice asking you for a keg of beer, you give that person what they want.

That creepy yet funny scenario is just one of the many entertaining scenes found in the horror-comedy, Teen Wolf. Actually he comes from a family a werewolves and learns about it the hard way by transforming into the creature one night after a party. While most were disturbing, causing audiences to cover their eyes at the horrifying sight of a man turning into a monster, Teen Wolf gave us the lighter side of growing fangs and claws.

With a twisted view on being a teen, the best transformation has Scott racing home, locking himself in the bathroom, as he experiences his first myfitnesspal not syncing workouts. Granted Wikus Van De Merwe was a bit of a jerk but all he wanted to do was his job, go home to his wife and avoid any hassles or drama.When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.

Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Log in. Sign up. Collection by Toure Cannon. Movie Quotes. Top 5 Favorite Werewolf Transformations. Kevin Williamson. Shannon Elizabeth. Wes Craven. Harvey Weinstein. Christina Ricci.

14 Disgusting Body Horror Movies To Watch Right Now On Netflix, Prime Video, And More

We Movie. A Beast. New Trailers. Her Brother. Robert Picardo. Dee Wallace. The Howling. Out To Sea. American Horror.To say that we have a fascination with therianthropy, or shape-shifting, is a colossal understatement: The first depiction of a human transforming into an animal dates back 15, years to a Paleolithic pictograph found on the wall of a cave in France.

There's something about the idea of a human taking on animal-like features and abilities that we find both attractive and repulsive, yet nonetheless fascinating.

Our need to tell transformation horror stories has inspired myths, legends, classic literature, and motion pictures, whose talented directors, cinematographers, and special effects artists work together to bring to life on screen the transmogrification of the flesh in all its terrifying glory.

In this list, we've gathered the creepiest, goriest, most grotesque people-to-animal transformations in movies that do not involve that old standby of anamorphism, the werewolf or his spiritual cousin, the dogman. The transformations were created primarily before CGI technology through the use of practical effects to turn humans in these movies into everything from bugs to snakes to sheep. Sometimes, there's a moral lesson to be learned or a metaphor behind these transformationsbut more often than not, they are simply designed to shock, terrify, or nauseate the viewer.

Known primarily for his stoner comedies, filmmaker Kevin Smith took his second stab at horror in this bizarre release that featured a disturbing transformation of a human into a walrus. There's no mystical curse or mad scientist here, only a crazed ex-sailor doing a hack job on any unsuspecting victims who get snared in his net. While following up on a flyer promising interesting stories, podcaster Wallace Bryton Justin Long encounters seaman Howard Howe Michael Parksnow retried and seemingly confined to a wheelchair.

Howard gives Wallace a cup of tainted tea and regales him with the story of how he was saved from a shipwreck by a walrus he named "Mr. When Wallace awakens, he finds that Howard has amputated one of his legs. Howard, guilt-wracked over having eaten Mr. Tusk, explains that he plans to transform Wallace into his old friend and savior. Slowly and nauseatingly, Howard hacks away at Wallace, replacing bit-by-bit his amputated limbs with the skin and sinew of prior prey and his own modified body parts, including a pair of tusks made from his own tibia bones.

A psychology of the film

The transformation process is a bloody, ghastly mess that culminates in Wallace being grafted into a prosthetic walrus suit - created for the movie by special effects wizard Robert Kurtzman Predator, Army of Darkness - that is part Frankenstein's monster, part Leatherface, a nightmare in marine mammal form. As bad as it is to watch, Wallace's transmogrification becomes all the more horrifying when the new Mr. Tusk's final fate xplane 11 naps library revealed at the end of the movie.

Authors like George Langelaan were warning of the dangers of genetic engineering decades before the science turned from fiction to fact. As the technology entered its fifth decade in use, renowned scientists penned an open letter offering dire warnings about its impact on humanity.

Instead, they should have suggested lawmakers screen David Cronenberg's remake of The Flybecause it demonstrates how horribly wrong recombining DNA can go in graphic detail. When eccentric scientist Seth Brundle Jeff Goldblum foolishly tests his experimental teleportation pod "telepod" on himself during a drunken rage, he fails to notice that a housefly has entered the telepod along with him.

Upon activating the device, Brundle's body is broken down on a subatomic level and reassembled in a second telepod, along with that of the fly. At first, the benefits of fly DNA are wonderful - increased strength, reflexes, and vigor - but Seth soon begins to exhibit irrational thought and mania as his body takes on fly characteristics.

In a truly horrifying sequence, Seth grows thick, bristly hairs on his body, his skin becomes mottled and tumorous, and he starts regurgitating fly vomit to digest his food. As the transformation progresses, his "Brundlefly" appearance goes from gross to absolutely revolting as his skin and body parts begin to slough off in chunks to reveal his hideously misshapen new "man-sect" form.

Cronenberg's vision, considered by many to be his most perfect film, contains layers and layers of personal, social, and philosophical metaphors, but it's the Academy Award-winning makeup effects by Chris Walas that are unforgettable. With only cable- and rod-controlled puppets and foam latex prosthetics, Walas and his team created one of the most horrifying transformation sequences ever depicted on film.Extreme body transformations of Bollywood celebs for their role in movies!

Method acting has been quite popular among the film industry and Bollywood has used this technique in quite a few movies as well. According to Most recently a case involving the death of a pregnant year-old girl who had been murdered by her year-old boyfriend and the father of her Every year, many eccentric and shocking things happen on our planet that leave many people completely stunned with their mouths wide open in What can be done with a body after death?

Diamond or compost from a corpse! The subject of death is not a pleasant one, and while we are still in this world we tend not to think about what will happen to our bodies when we There is no better feeling than going on a highly anticipated and dream holiday.

Especially when it comes to visiting a brand new country. When going through a very difficult patch in life, some people like to find others who had gone through a similar thing and who could offer them Followers Fear She Is Dead.

While the eyes of the world are turned to Qatar as preparations for the World Cup are underway, there has been some worrying information Fans of When thinking about the world of magic and illusions, names such as David Blaine, David Copperfield, and Harry Houdini come to mind. Many of these Even Hospitals Are Involved! There has been an urban legend that surely many are familiar with. It usually starts with someone meeting a good-looking stranger and going with Trending stories.

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These metamorphoses from human to werewolf are often depicted with violent detail in horror movies. Over the decades, certain werewolf transformation scenes have risen above the rest — some even winning major awards. Instead of relying on computer-generated effects, the best werewolf transformation scenes use practical effects to showcase how their monstrous characters literally strip their flesh to become hairy, dangerous creatures.

From subtle and artistic to gruesome and painful, these scenes are revered by genre fans around the world. This classic British creature feature released by Hammer Productions is the first werewolf flick shot in color.

Oliver Reed plays a Spanish fellow in the 18th century cursed since birth with lycanthropy — and only the love of the right woman can save him.

25 Shocking Actor Transformations: Donald Glover, Tilda Swinton, and More

In this romantic and heartbreaking take on the werewolf narrative, the transformations are sweaty, subtle, and evolve through delicate camera work. Reed's werewolf, when converted, looks like a ragged, hairy Lothario bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders.

From claws popping through sneakers to painful howls, the Wolfman's metamorphoses in The Monster Squad undercut the film's humor with their serious tone.

A team of special effects artists helmed by Stan Winston is responsible for these emotional scenes, which display Wolfie's sadness and hatred over his unnatural status. Clothes and flesh go flying in the "Surprise Party" segment of the Halloween-themed horror anthology film Trick 'R Treat. A group of young women lures a serial killer into the woods where they reveal their true wolfen forms before devouring him.

In this bloody sequence, the girls literally rip patches of skin from their bodies, revealing their inner beasts underneath all the carnage. It's a unique and stunning reimagining of the gruesome art of transformation. The Company of Wolves makes high art out of werewolf lore. Neil Jordan's gothic fantasy is loosely based on "Little Red Riding Hood," and it includes connected tales of sexual awakening, hunters and their prey, and stylistic werewolf transformations.

Using practical effects, one transformation scene entails a character scraping flesh from his face until a canine nuzzle extends from his sinewy muscles. In another, a fully-formed and real wolf's mouth bursts forth from a huntsman's mouth. Another horror movie that uses lycanthropy as a metaphor for blossoming sexuality, Ginger Snaps focuses on two outcast sisters who are attacked by a werewolf.

This Canadian horror feature consists of both sudden and slow-moving transformations. The most shocking transformation scene involves one sister, Ginger, turning into a werewolf while trapped in the back of a moving van. Without relying on CGI, director John Fawcett lets the scene unfold through shadowy glimpses, fleshy contortions, and believable prosthetics.

An independent American-Mexican film, Late Phases tops the list of best werewolf films from the s. After the human identity of the creature brutally murdering residents of a senior living community is revealed, the narrative jumps right into the man's transformation from a shy and asthmatic fellow named James into a terrifying monster. The werewolf within bursts forth from James' fleshwhich ruptures and shakes until he becomes a large, gray-haired werewolf with humanoid features.

The Best Fashion Makeover Scenes In Movie History

The pain James expresses as he loses his human skin demonstrates just how doomed he is to live a tortured life. In the film, Chaney plays a Welshman named Larry Talbot who is bitten by a wolf while hiking through his family's ancestral estate. In 'Transformers: The Last Knight,' characters are constantly changing shape. The Wolf Man (). The Nutty Professor (). Attack of the 50 Foot Woman ().

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (). Miss Vogue on the best makeover scenes from films including Clueless, Princess Diaries makeover scene, Sandy's Grease transformation and.

These ugly duckling transformations in movies never fail to amaze. Our countdown includes "Never Been Kissed," "My Big Fate Greek Wedding,". The 19 Greatest Character Transformations on Film · The Living Playing Cards () · Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde () · Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Terrifying horror movie transformation scenes. Overlord, The Faculty & more! The Ten Best Transformation Movies · Transformers () · 9.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers () · 8. Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed () · 7. 15 Best Movie Character Transformations Of All-Time · 15 VERBAL KINT/KEYSER SÖZE – THE USUAL SUSPECTS · 14 STARSCREAM – TRANSFORMERS · 13 SHERMAN. Sort by Popularity - Most Popular Movies and TV Shows tagged with keyword "body-transformation" · 1. The Witcher (–) · 2. Old () · 3. Antlers () · 4. 13 of the best makeover scenes in film · 1. Pretty Woman () · 2. Clueless () · 3. She's All That () · 4. Jawbreaker () · 5.

Miss. The following transformation sequences—that sometimes literally last the whole movie—come from various horror films we recommend Even though. The movie makeover scene is an important part of cinema as we know Cinderella's transformation is literally from rags to riches in the. Well the recent Ajith Sir movie Vedalam had a couple of great transformation scenes and was the highlight of the movie.

Everyone is aware of this scenes and. An American Werewolf in London () dir. John Landis | David under the Blue Moon · The Fly () dir. David Cronenberg | Seth Brundle becomes. Movies/Scenes Representing Transformation. The Shipping News (). Great movie on transformation, resurrection, clinging to the past. We have 1 articles with tag best movie transformation scenes. Latest ones are: Extreme body transformations of Bollywood celebs for their role in movies!

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