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Everybody is talking about the Netflix Original Series Narcos and right now you could win a Samsung tablet to watch it on. Narcos tells the gripping true story of how Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar brought cocaine to America and how the U.

S DEA tried to stop it. This epic true story is full of explosive action, tense drama and mind blowing facts about how the cocaine business was built, and is the latest Original Series to come from Netflix, following favourites such as House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black and Daredevil.

Seen from a variety of perspectives, the show details the rise of cocaine trafficking and the bloody battle waged against the narco-traffickers, who controlled the drug trade with extreme violence. For your chance to win just watch the trailer below and answer the question by on 9th October.

Pablo Escobar, established food programs, built homes, provided shelter to thousands, and murdered civilians. During the s the Medellin Cartel employedpeople.

That's more than the entire population of Manchester. Don't forget to submit your answer by on 9th October for your chance to win. Foo Fighters.

The rise and fall of the three brothers who 'ruled' Manchester's gangland

Paul Weller. Win With Narcos We're sorry, this competition is over. Useful Links. Latest On Radio X.A paedophile gangster whose criminal empire with his two brothers earned them the nickname Britain's 'real Narcos' decapitated a rival's dog and warned: 'It will be a human head next time', a new documentary revealed today.

Dominic Noonan and his siblings Desmond and Damien had a stranglehold on Manchester's drugs trade for two decades having started as bouncers at the city's Hacienda nightclub. In a new Channel 5 show it is revealed that Dominic beheaded a dog to protect their drugs business and slammed it on the owner's pool table in a Manchester pub.

With a grin he says: 'I told them to stay away from the Hacienda or it would be a human head next time - and they never came back'. This is the moment Manchester gangster Dominic Noonan smiled as he described decapitating a rival's dog before warning: 'It will be a human head next time'.

A new documentary to be broadcast on Channel 5 tonight has a recreation of Noonan slamming the dog's head on a pool table pictured. The gangsters would soon be linked to every murder in the south of Manchester in the s, starting with the assassination of their main drugs rival 'White Tony' Johnson in Some of Manchester's residents protected the Noonan brothers from the police because they dealt with their disputes and gave money back to the community.

Dominic Noonan was found guilty of 13 historical child sex offences this year having already been jailed for arson and blackmail.

A new documentary called The Real Narcos: Manchester's Narco Kings will be broadcast tonight and explores their life in crime. Two of them would be killed and the third is in jail for arson, blackmail and abusing four boys as young as ten. At the height cibor tv italy their power they appeared untouchable and Bob Dunbar, who worked for Greater Manchester Police at the time, told Channel 5: 'The Noonan brothers were involved with gang culture, drugs and beatings.

It became almost legendary that if you went to a club, the brothers would be on the door'. By their criminal empire had collapsed but only after 20 years of terrorising Manchester. The family first gained notoriety in Manchester after the murder of 'White Tony' Johnson, the leader of the Cheetham Hill Gang, who was gunned down in He was shot dead in the car park of the Penny Black pub - Desmond Noonan, who has since been linked to 25 murders, was put on trial for the murder but acquitted.

Desmond, who was known as 'Dessie', appeared in a documentary film by investigative reporter Donal MacIntyre in which he boasted he had 'more guns than the police'. He died in Dessie, the family hitman, was stabbed to death days before the film was due to be aired after getting addicted to crack cocaine himself. Traveller and bare-knuckle fighter 'Paddy' Doherty was friends with Damien, describing him as a 'first rate gangster' and 'the best of the best' who kept the Noonans under control until he died in Domenyk's other brother Damien was the head bouncer of the former Hacienda nightclub in Manchester.

Traveller and bare-knuckle fighter 'Paddy' Doherty was friends with Damien, describing him as a 'first rate gangster', 'the best of the best' and a 'gentleman' with a 'ruthless streak'. But the most level-headed Noonan was killed in a motorbike accident in the Dominican Republic in aged Jason Coghlan, a friend and associate of Damien, described one attack on rivals and said: 'It was a Bank Holiday.

We'd had a record breaking weekend and The Hacienda were doing something special on a Monday night. This firm had made their intentions clear. They were going to come down and do what they wanted. We were all game and capable of defending our territory.From the Archive.

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The Rave Tapes. Locked up for some of it, or meeting up under government restrictions for And yet, we could be heading for bolex h16 el rave revival — the climate is remarkably similar to that of the late 80s and early 90s: we have experienced years of austerity and a Tory government, a political awakening among young people and gentrification, leading to the closure of clubs; all factors that culminated in the underground rave scene of the 90s.

Home UK English rave. Instead, you are left to feel its infectious The s pronounced "nineteen-nineties"; shortened to "the ' 90s" or "the Nineties" was a decade of the Gregorian calendar that began on January 1,and ended on December 31,Sign in.

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Or, if you are already a subscriber Sign in. Other options. Close drawer menu Financial Times International Edition. Search the FT Search. World Show more World. US Show more US. Companies Show more Companies. Markets Show more Markets. Opinion Show more Opinion. Personal Finance Show more Personal Finance.Extravagant gangster Michael Showers made his millions smuggling cannabis through the city's docks, but was brought to justice by an elaborate police sting.

He was dubbed the 'Godfather of Liverpool' and drove around town in a white Rolls-Royce while the police snapped at his heels. But when millionaire Michael Showers was finally brought to justice, it was all down to a phone number scrawled on a bus stop 5, miles away.

The Merseyside 'narco' built his reputation in the s as an extravagant drugs kingpin, spotting a gap in the market for smuggling cannabis into the UK through Liverpool's docks. As the city was hit by a wave of mass unemployment, the popularity of heroin skyrocketed and cops feared Showers was seizing the initiative. A popular man about town who worked as a community leader during the time of the Toxteth riots, Showers, 75, remains to this day one of the city's most infamous underworld pioneers.

Embarking on a life of crime from a young age, Showers reportedly began his career as a bank robber, before been sent to juvenile prison aged 17 for his role in a stabbing. Upon his release, he made connections with workers at the Liverpool docks, before a trip abroad in made him realise there was money to be made.

He ramped up his business by sending cannabis himself to his hometown, processing as much as a tonne. Using "people with relatives in senior positions" at the docks, he was able to pass the illicit goods straight through to the sales division. Customs were aware drugs were coming into Liverpool, but seemingly powerless to intervene. Inhowever, a financial crisis swept the world and the UK was plunged into its worst recession since the Second World War.

Unemployment reached over 3million across the nation, sparking riots in major cities during the summer. Liverpool was badly hit - a problem exacerbated further by the increasing popularity of smokable heroin. One of the city's other prominent gangsters, 'Juicebomb' John Burton, tells the documentary of the rapid cultural shift he witnessed. Ecstasy was bringing happiness," he explains. Showers, meanwhile, was living the high life despite the tough economic climate, driving around in his Rolls-Royce and snapping up a huge home.

His flagrant displays of wealth didn't go unnoticed. Merseyside Police had become aware of the gangster and suspected he was entering the heroin trade himself. Their solution was 'Operation Rainman', an elaborate sting that saw 12kg of heroin moved to the UK from Pakistan in a controlled delivery. The plot came about when a Pakistani man named Haji informed the country's High Commission that a man named Michael had contacted him, enquiring if he could import drugs to the UK.

Cops offered Haji payment to work for them and agree to take the deal, so they could catch the criminals red-handed. Haji agreed and was handed the heroin by a supplier in Pakistan, which he then passed to a customs official who brought it to Britain. He then flew to Manchester, supplying two kilograms to Mohammed Zubair, who was arrested leaving a hotel outside the airport.

Showers - at this point working for Liverpool City Council's immigration unit - was linked to Zubair, but strenuously denied knowing about the drugs plot. Incredibly, the breakthrough came when cops discovered one of the phone numbers he had used was printed on a bus stop in Pakistan - just yards from the residence of the drugs handler.

Speaking to the Liverpool EchoAnthony Philipson, the documentary's director, says the illicit practices established in the s still continues to inform the UK's modern-day drug trade. Celebs TV. Funeral Notices Horoscopes Offers Newsletter signup. Birth chart compatibility with your partner Your Area. Got A Story? Rise of 'Godfather of Liverpool' whose drugs empire was foiled by a number on a bus stop.

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Sustainability with BW. Get the latest insights For the most relevant independent commentary from experts at the forefront of pensions, investment, insurance and risk. Previous Next. The three Noonan brothers ruled Manchester in the s and 90s, controlling the drug supply at superclubs like the legendary Hacienda. They were thought to be behind at least 27 murders, and amassed a fortune in the millions. The Noonan brothers ruled Manchester in the 80s and 90s, controlling the drug supply at clubs like the legendary Hacienda.

They were thought to be behind at. Manchester's Narco Kings: Blood & Fear The three Noonan brothers ruled Manchester in the s and 90s. They were thought to be behind at least 27 murders. The Noonan brothers ruled Manchester in the s and 90s.

The Adams family led a criminal organisation, reported to be worth millions. Two crime families. The Real Narcos UK: London's Bloodiest The Torture King: Britain's Worst Gangster Manchester's Narco Kings: Blood & Fear.

The Noonan brothers ruled Manchester in the s and 90s. 1x01 Manchester's Narco Kings The stories of some of Britain's most powerful gangsters, looking at how they came to control the drugs trade in. Each episode focusses on a different gang of criminals, spreading fear throughout their communities with deadly violence.

From the Noonan brothers in Manchester. Season 1 Episode Guide · Manchester's Narco Kings - Blood and Fear · The Torture King: Britain's Worst Gangster · London's Most Bloody · Liverpool's Most Feared.

The chilling footage, used in a new Channel 5 documentary, The Real Narcos UK: Manchester Narco Kings - Blood and Fear, shows why he and his. Narcos UK - how the Noonan Brothers ruled Manchester - channel 5 documentary He was the gangster of gangsters in Greater Manchester.".

Unearth the shady underworld of Britain's drugs trade, and hear first hand stories about the brothers who “ruled” Manchester, amassing a vast fortune and. The Real Narcos UK is not currently available to stream, rent, or buy but you can track it for updates.

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It's a crime and documentary show with 3 episodes. Narcos UK. - Documentary. The Noonan brothers ruled Manchester in the s and 90s. Read more. UNAVAILABLE. Watchlist. Seen. Collection.

Tells the sensational stories of organised crime across the UK, with each episode the notorious Noonans in Manchester, the Fitzgibbons and Curtis Warren. Narcos UK is a TV show on British national television from Channel 5 with an average The three Noonan brothers ruled Manchester in the s and 90s.

At the height of their power they appeared untouchable and Bob Dunbar, who worked for Greater Manchester Police at the time, told Channel 5: '.

Season 1. 1. Manchester's Narco Kings: Blood & Fear; 2. The Real Narcos UK: London's Most Bloody; 2. The Torture King: Britain's Worst Gangster; 3. It's believed some of those nailed at the High Court in Glasgow this week for attacks on five people linked to the rival Daniel mob were to. The Real Narcos UK Season 1 - Episodes Guide and Summaries · Manchester's Narco Kings · Glasgow's Narco Godfather · London's Bloodiest · Liverpool's Most Feared.