Remington 511 trigger

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Remington 511 TRIGGER

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Hunt Safely This Season: Remington 700 Rifle Recalled for Deadly Trigger Defect

View products. Phantom Series Multifunctional Adapter k. Add to cart. Related Products.Print Thread. Hop To. Joined: Jan New England.

So I took home a today. Pulled it apart to find zero powder residue, etc. Anywhere inside the barrel, feed mechanism or bolt. No sign that it ever been shot. Didn't expect that - who doesn't shoot their new Remington?

Anyway, the trigger breaks clean but its a little tough. Heavy-ish spring and a little too much sear engagement if I had to guess. I know that they're economy triggers but I'm wondering what can be done to improve them. This is a nice rifle - I wouldn't mind putting a little. Anyone have any tips? Work is what you do to finance your real life Joined: May My first rifle,a that once I put a B4 Weaver on it killed a lot of tree squirrels with head shots.

I never gave the trigger much thought as I hadn't used anything else to compare it to and was used to it. About ten years ago I got another and realized there are better triggers.

I took it to a couple of older gunsmiths that are considered competent. I don't know if they're the last word on Remington 5-teen triggers but both said pretty much the same thing. They're good rifles but there's not much that can be done with the trigger. Joined: Nov I have two 's that Brian Voelker worked his magic on, but I don't think he's doing them anymore.

A good gunsmith should be able to take the creep and roughness out of the trigger. Due to its design it is difficult to get a light trigger pull with them but cleaned up they can be surprisingly good although a bit heavy. I shot a Matchmaster for gallery competition for quite a few years and always managed to be competitive with the" cleaned up" factory trigger.

The mentioned above is a completely different rifle with a completely different trigger from the 5-teens. Thanks guys! I figure its best if I don't let myself get attached to this one. Joined: Aug I have a Rem single shot.

The trigger was heavy when I got the rifle so I did the following. I removed the trigger spring and cut a couple of coils off of it checking the pull weight as I went. I did a good clean and lube job on the entire action also. The break is somewhat crisp. That rifle is my go to 22 LR G-hog rifle.

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Many critters have fallen to its report. Joined: Feb Hawkeye State.Remember Me? S Outdoorsman Advanced Search. Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Remington fires when bolt handle closed. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Remington fires when bolt handle closed I have a 's vintage. It doesn't happen all the time; and sometime it drops the firing pin on the back of the bolt without firing the round.

I took the rifle to a gunsmith several months ago to have it "relined" and to have the trigger "fixed"; the new liner returned the rifle back to its original accuracy level, but they were unable to fix the "haphazard" and dangerous trigger malfunctions. I can preclude this "unsafe" condition by putting the gun's "safety" on before opening the bolt and "cocking" it. Any help will be appreciated!

On last resort, I will attempt to purchase a new trigger assembly, if available. Thanks, Kaiser. We recently had one in the shop doing the same thing. A complete dissasemble and clean fixed it. So I'd start there and while you have it apart you can look for worn parts.

Something should show up. This "accidental firing" situation has been a long standing "off and on" problem for this rifle over a span of many years; only, it has gotten worse recently this year when I decided to take it to a gunsmith to have it "fixed".

I thoroughly cleaned it before I delivered it to the gunsmith. The gunsmith did not indicate any worn parts, yet he could not fix the problem. Would the problem indicate a bad sear, trigger, or bolt? Thanks for any help.No Reserve. Categories: 12 Ga. Re: Remington model 12 feeding problem. Items 1 - 24 of Add to Cart. Showing 1—18 of 34 results. Out of stock. The inside is fixed and very smooth and clean. People hated J locks, said the only way they shoot is to replace them, blah blah blah and blah.

Searches for products like these typically include: Gun Parts,Rifle Parts,Receiver Parts more Remington m parts [email protected] We requested some from the Trekker Mfg folks, and have been testing a few out with three How to reset service theft deterrent system chevy cruze types of ammunition.

Remington Joined: Sun Jan 03, am. Remington 12 firing pin, flat Remington Short Action. It's either being bounced back by a hot stroke and it's just the inertia of the firing pin bouncing on the retaining pin that's causing it. The spring and guide were missing when he gave it to me vacuum cleaner bait so I made a guide and found a suitable spring in my parts drawers. Factory replacement parts are manufactured to the exact same specifications and tolerances and use the same manufacturing materials as the original parts which guarantees excellent fit and reliable operation.

This replacement part is a factory original from Savage Arms. You can see our other Remington Model 12 parts by. Remington Model Rifle Bolt. I took the gun to a smith and he said the firing pin is no longer extending far enough to strike the primer. Put a coin into the slot near the back edge of the firing pin head. Answer 1 of 2 : The following firing pin replacement process applies to the Marlin Model 60, Model 70, Modeland most other Marlin semiautomatic rifles chambered for the. I finally got enough ammo to take it and my Femaru Model 37 in the same caliber out to play.He told me it was between The total production wasAdditional 6 and 10 round clips available to purchase online.

The gun has retained most of its finish. Remington Model No. Model: Scoremaster Model Remington Cane Gun No. Colt Commercial Production: Govt.

One was the Model Scoremaster with detachable box magazine, while the other was the Model Sportmaster with tubular magazine under the barrel. The single-shot A is versatile enough to digest. Model X was manufactured in and Sinceit has been known by four different names: between andE. Call or email Remington and give them the serial number, they will tell you when it was born, however keep in mind they do make errors.

Remington serial numbers located on receiver of your shotgun or rifle. Introduced in to replace the Model 31, it has been produced in a vast number of variants and is still in production. Chambered for Remington SA Ul- fectiveness than standard 5. We'll help you get there. It was advertised as a moderately priced alternative to the Model 37 rifle. It is indeed a or a model. Load date for. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

Founded in by Eliphalet Remington as E. Normal 0 Sale and free shipping to the 48 contiguous United States only. It shoots well but often jams when feeding in rounds it has clips. The date code should be on the left side of the barrel, just ahead of the receiver. Versions have been made for military and law enforcement, as well as for the traditional sporting market.Short, Long, Long Rifle cart- ridges can be used interchangeable without action adjustment in all three models.

Barrel length is … However, in doing some reading, it appears that Remington replaced the trigger system in the models sometime around and apparently the new trigger the X-Mark does not have the problem. Remington Forend. I believed him as the paint is still on the end of the bolt and his arm was still in a sling and his finger where purple from the bruises.

Bore still has rifling with markings in the lands. Finish is mostly gone. Don't have a pix of the full up rifle, but here's a pix of the stock. Fits model Remington 4. Remington model 12 pistol-grip crescent butt.

The Viper uses mostly polymer in construction; only the barrel, bolt and a few small parts are steel. Fantastic full size. Be sure to check out our gun classifieds, political, and hometown sections. Perhaps some of this accuracy margin was due to the trigger. Remington model S. Enfield and Mauser.

Production ran from until only. I like the feel and fit of the stock and the semi-heavy barrel It will be a. On this site, you will find the largest selection of light trigger springs for rifles available anywhere. They are now only supplied in Remington Gun Parts for sale eBay Appliance manuals and free pdf instructions.

Learn More. In stock. Use as is or refinish as you see fit. Barrel underside is importer stamped The pistol grip and trigger housing holds the trigger. It will also fire out of battery. Have been a rimfire hobbyist for alot of years. Remington Model 35 Whelen Mag Magazine, Make sure to check out our other auctions for more great Christmas gift ideas!

Description Up for auction is a Remington magazine. Still have the gun. All of the parts and components listed in this category are specific for the Remington Model rimfire rifle unless otherwise noted.Although unassuming in appearance and unremarkable to collectors, the simple Remington Model Scoremaster bolt-action rimfire repeater is a legendary game-getter.

Surprisingly accurate for a. Introduced inthe Remington Model Scoremaster features a inch tapered round barrel, six- or round magazine, strap-metal trigger guard, and sleek small-diameter bolt action. The bolt locks up by camming the bolt handle stud closed into a square-bottomed notch machined into the right side of the action.

It also features a second, opposing locking lug, giving the bolt equilateral support that keeps it straight and consistent and benefits accuracy. The bolt knob is football-shaped and is integral to the handle. Made to feed. The version in the rifle shown here is a flush-fitting six-rounder. The stock looks to be walnut, and it features simple, economic lines. The front is a unique post-type sight with a highly visible rectangular silver insert. Interestingly, the lower portion of the front sight post is formed into a sturdy, oversize bead shape; theoretically, the tip of the sight can be used for consistent extended-distance shooting when the bead-like portion is centered in the rear notch.

OverModel Scoremaster rifles were manufactured between and The later Model X allegedly sported improved sights, and it was manufactured in and Two other variations are worth noting. It blocks the trigger but does not lock the bolt.

Flick it forward to fire, rearward to engage the safety. Squeeze the trigger to fire and work the bolt again to chamber another round. As the bolt runs forward, the lower edge of the boltface catches the base of a fresh cartridge and boosts it forward into the chamber.

Last month I wrote about my British father-in-law and his first shotgun. The Scoremaster shown here was his first rifle. I gave the rifle to him one Christmas back when my wife and I were poor college students. At the time I was introducing him to the joys of perforating tin cans with an accurate, pleasant-shooting rimfire rifle. Repairing to the range with several of my favorite. Even though a harsh sun created wavering mirage and caused the silver front-sight insert to dance like a hula girl at a luau, most of the loads pounded five shots into tiny clusters.

Trigger. Gauge/Caliber Long Rifle. Compatible Caliber S/L/LR. For Gun Type: Rifle. Brand: Remington. Type: Action Parts. UPC: Does not apply. The Rem trigger is a toggle that goes a little over top dead center to interfere with the firing pin sear. If any material is removed, the. Hi, I've got a Remington Model that I am going to be working on this winter. I have a question about the trigger/sear/stud assembly. › gun-manufacturer › remington › rifles-rem › Shop for Remington parts and schematics with Numrich Gun Parts.

We've been providing quality parts and excellent customer service since I have a Remington Scoremaster with the original Weaver 4X scope that has developed a trigger/bolt problem. As the bolt is actuated. Trigger - Case Colored - Original. This Remington manufactured color case hardened trigger is for the model X Scoremaster bolt acti. REMINGTON MODEL Trigger Assembly Parts and Barrel Pins - $ FOR SALE!

You are bidding on some used Remington Model trigger assembly parts and. I have a Remington that according to the date code was manufactured inI grew up with this gun and when my dad passed it moved to.

Remington TRIGGER ORIGINAL. $ Item Id: rp rop; Shipping Weight: lbs; 1 - Available; Origin: Remington Original Part. Add to Cart. The Remington Model Scoremaster is a bolt-action rifle manufactured by Remington Arms from Remington TRIGGER ORIGINAL. Introduced inthe Remington Model Scoremaster features a inch tapered Details about Remington Trigger Assembly For Model Rifle. I haven't done a myself that I can remember, but it shouldn't be too I put the trigger/sear assembly in the receiver with all of the.

Hello, I picked up a remmy about a year ago for $ its in really good I was planning on making a base for it, bedding it, trigger. My first rifle,a that once I put a B4 Weaver on it killed a lot of tree squirrels with head shots. I never gave the trigger much. L'attente, I have a Rem P that has been on pest control duty for many decades and still going strong.

If you pull the trigger back and hold. Raise bolt handle, pull trigger and pull bolt to rear and remove from rifle. NOTE: Extractor, right, has sharper right angle claw than ex- tractor, left.

Remington Triggers, Barrels, Grips, Stocks and More:

To. If the trigger doesn't fully return to its proper resting position the sear is not fully raised and the bolt might not catch on it when pulled.

I've got a that shoots real good with a variety of ammo. I wish I could get the trigger lighter, although it breaks real clean.

Remington,X, X, X, T, T bolt rifle Remington series trigger assembly, T # $ No reviews.