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US6075005A - Medicaments comprising relaxin and their use - Google Patents

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However, was this ever debunked? Do we have solid and concrete proof that this is indeed a joke that got too far? Lurker85 Established Member My Regimen. I'm actually starting RU today. Typically I don't use topicals due to using concealers, but I'm off for a few months and decided to give it a go. Age in which women gets heart failure is higher because of higher estrogen and lower testosterone.Rowan Richards was recently awarded the distinction of being invited to become a Fellow in the International College of Chiropractors.

An invitation to Fellowship is issued only after a vigorous investigation of a doctor who has been nominated for the honor, and only one such invitation is offered.

Last year, Dr. Richards was elected to The Distinguished Chiropractors of America. Only doctors per year, from each state are offered this honor. She is one of the one hundred chiropractors from the state of California to be awarded this national recognition. She specializes in an integrated approach to optimum health including nutritional and lifestyle programs, cranial therapy, Bennett reflex work Neurovascular Dynamics and laser meridian therapy.

Richards has been in practice sinceproviding caring, individualized, and complete alternative health care to her select patients in the Los Angeles area. A visit to Dr. Richards is equivalent to seeing five different doctors! She is one of the few health care professionals who truly believes in taking time with her patients. At her clinic in Glendora, California, she treats a wide variety of patients — everyone from newborns to geriatrics.

Because of the growing concern about West Nile Virus, she has done extensive research on the subject, and is an expert in alternative health care for WNV. She has produced a wide variety of publications, including: a series entitled: Miracles in Health Care. Inshe was requested to prepare a case study for the new Chiropractic Pediatrics Newsletter, concerning a severely handicapped, neurologically damaged child. And, inshe undertook that task again, for the Council on Family Practice.

Currently in production is a book for the lay public which addresses the appalling inadequacies of the medical profession and highlights some of the most dramatic recoveries in her practice.

She has also produced an audio tape Creative Stress Relief, which is an audio training program in deep relaxation and guided imagery with a guided visualization of a healing journey on side 2. It is currently available for doctors who have taken the course and want an aid for review purposes.

Richards has an on-going commitment to professional education and teaches the Bennett reflex work Neurovascular Dynamics on a national basis. She has also prepared and presented a syllabus on organ specific nutrition for a CMRT class presented in the Seattle area with Dr. Gordon Townsend. Inshe presented the Bennett reflex work at the Council on Family Practice National Symposium and scheduled 4 2-weekend seminars around the country.

She regularly lectures to lay audiences, and has an extensive library of audio tapes on a variety of health topics.RU is a non-steroidal experimental anti-androgen, which is intended for use as a topical treatment for acne and androgenic alopecia male pattern baldness. I have over 3 years of experience with this stuff, and it has been nothing short of life changing. If you are just looking for a place to order high quality RU, this is who I use for all of my personal research:.

DHT is the main cause of hair loss in men. DHT a necessary and otherwise useful hormone attaches to and shrinks hair follicles in those prone to MPB male pattern baldness.

This is why it is normal for men to go bald and far less common with women, the main hormone of men is testosterone, while the main hormone in women is estrogen.

Testosterone converts to DHT in the body, and as men have a much greater amount of testosterone in their body than women, it consequently and inevitably leads to extreme hair loss in those who are prone to male pattern baldness. Even for anabolic steroid users, the reason you are suddenly going bald so much faster is because you are introducing an excess amount of exogenous hormones that convert directly to DHT into your body, pride scooter parts list your hair loss an insane amount.

Clinical trials investigating RU's potential to prevent DHT from reaching scalp hair receptors have been overwhelmingly positive. A study in the Journal of Steroid Bio-Chemistry and Molecular Biology concluded the exceptionally high topical activity of RU combined with unprecedented selectivity with respect to systemic effects suggest that this compound is a candidate of choice for the local treatment of androgenic alopecia.

A standard dose of 50mg applied all over the scalp in areas prone to male pattern baldness once per day should suffice, but some individuals may require more this is dependent on a variety of individual-specific factors. After applying 50mg all over the necessary areas, I just rub minecraft rustic cabin in with my finger tips to make sure the liquid is covering the spots entirely, and then let it dry takes literally less than a minute.

After that you can apply your Minoxidil if you use that too. For application, I recommend applying your RU after you've washed your hair and your hair is completely dry. Ideally, you want to apply it within 30 minutes of showering your hair because your scalp produces sebum which will lessen the efficacy of RU penetrating the skin and blocking DHT topically.

I don't usually follow this religiously though as I find it much more convenient to apply it pre-bed each night. I haven't noticed much if any of a difference, but the way I mentioned IS the optimal way to apply it to maximize results. Regarding storage, mixed RU solutions should be stored in a fridge, and RU raw powder should be stored in a freezer to have the efficacy last for as long as possible.

Ideally, keep it away from light, sealed tight blocking out air, and in a fridge if it's mixed, or in a freezer if it's still in raw powder form. I personally put my RU mixed solutions in the fridge in 50ml bottles, and my RU raw powder in a Ziploc bag sealed tight and then I put that in a little container and leave it in my freezer.

A great way to assess if RU is working for you is to keep an eye on the hair catcher and do a rough count of the hairs at the end of each shower.Remember Me? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 Modelo gaussian model clustering sklearn Thread: RU Warning. Interstitial pneumonititis is a more common side effect of using DHT-blockers in the class of RU and nilutamide.

This is a serious lung condition, which can be triggered by certain medications among other things. If left untreated, it can lead to permanent scarring of the lungs, such that you can no longer breath and can possibly die. However, in the vast majority of cases, the damage is fully reversed within 6 to 12 months of discontinuation of the drug.

In severe cases, you'll need to take prednisolone along with discontinuing the drug. Reports of interstitial changes, including pulmonary fibrosis that led to hospitalization and death, have been reported rarely in postmarketing.

Symptoms included exertional dyspnea, cough, chest pain, and fever. X-rays showed interstitial or alveolo-interstitial changes, and pulmonary function tests revealed a restrictive pattern with decreased diffusing capacity of lungs for carbon monoxide.

Most cases occurred within the first 3 months of treatment with nilutamide, and most reversed with discontinuation of therapy. Perform a routine chest x-ray prior to initiating treatment with nilutamide. Consider baseline pulmonary function tests.

Instruct patients to report any new or worsening shortness of breath that they experience while on nilutamide. If symptoms occur, immediately discontinue nilutamide until it can be determined if the symptoms are drug related.

Thanks for this post James, as i use RU at the moment i am in concern of side effects. But nevertheless if i feel like having these sideeffects with my lungs i will consult a doctor. I don't know why anyone would use this product. I was duped into it by messages here saying that it has absolutely no side effects when used topically, because it's basically neutralized once it hits the blood stream. I used it a low dosage topically for about weeks, maybe every other day.

Immideately, I took a massive hit to my libido nearly impossible to get it up and I developed gyno. I've been off it for a year and a half, and my gyno is still present. And I hope my sperm count is still good. As for my hair, yeah, it is still thinning out. So, absolutely useless. As i know orally DHT blocker like finasterid can effect the libido. Maybe some of your sideeffects were psychosomatic. I've been doing RU continuously for almost 3 years. I've only experienced drop in libido and weaker ejeculation, which is expected when blocking your DHT.

Heart failure and lung scarring sounds like pure scaremongering from guys too afraid of using the drug. Symptoms seem to come and go. I want to ensure I don't cause any long term heart problems, so I'm writing to here to ask and warn people who have been on or thinking about taking RU :.Effective date : The present invention relates to a hair growth compositions which contain relaxin or a relaxin analog and an anti-androgenic agent such as finasteride, SKL, estrogen, cyproterone acetate, spironolactor, flutamide, minoxidil or RU as well as to methods for treating androgenic alopecia using such compositions.

The hair is shed at the end of the telogen phase, and a new hair is grown as the cycle repeats. Therefore, in a normal human adult, approximately hairs are shed from the scalp per day.

Excessive hair loss, or alopecia, may be classified as being one of two types, non-scarring alopecia and scarring alopecia, and can be caused by a wide variety of factors. For example, non-scarring alopecia has been attributed to genetics and advanced age; administration of drugs such as anti-cancer chemotherapeutic drugs and contraceptives; topical use of chemical treatments, such as hair dyes, permanent wave solutions, and straighteners; diseases, such as leprosy or syphilis; illness; allergy; and hair follicle infection.

Scarring alopecia may be a consequence of burns accidental or post surgical from cryosurgery or laser surgery or trauma, which often causes destruction of follicles. The most common type of human hair loss is androgenetic alopecia also known as androgenic alopeciawhich is a non-scarring hair loss of telogen hairs caused by an excessive androgen effect in genetically susceptible men and women.

Androgens trigger the miniaturization or atrophy of terminal follicles that normally produce thick scalp hair and transforms them into vellus-like follicles, eventually yielding robodk descargar, downy hair that is barely perceptible.

Androgenetic alopecia is expressed in males as baldness of the vertex of the scalp and is commonly referred to as male pattern baldness. In females, androgenetic alopecia appears as diffuse hair loss or thinning of the frontoparietal areas. As alopecia progresses with age, hairs in these predisposed areas miniaturize and appear to change from terminal hairs to resemble vellus hairs.

In addition, as androgenetic alopecia continues, the number of hairs in the active growth anagen phase decreases while there is an increase the number of hairs in the telogen phase. Androgenetic alopecia, which is sometimes referred to as "common baldness" or "male pattern baldness," independent of its causes, is the cutaneous aping of a particular zone i. Androgenetic alopecia can be defined, on one hand, as atrophy, sclerosis or minaturization of the hair follicles.

On the other hand, androgenetic alopecia can be defined as a progressive shortening of the average duration of the anagen stage, which results in vellus hair prior to complete disappearance. Hair loss is an extremely common condition among healthy adult males, and also occurs frequently in adult females. In fact, some degree of alopecia on the vertex from puberty onwards is thought to be a universal phenomenon in both men and women R.

Dawber Dermatologica Alopecia is also frequently observed in both pre- and post-pubertal patients as a side effect of anti-cancer chemotherapy, A. Hussein, et al. Cline, Cancer Nursing ; A. Hood Med. North Am. Despite the widespread occurrence of androgenetic alopecia, the need for prevention and therapy still exists.

I Need to Quit Hair Loss Drugs Before They Kill Me

The lack of a proven and effective treatment for androgenetic alopecia has caused many afflicted individuals to adopt the practice of wearing a wig or toupee. Another extreme measure used to combat androgenetic alopecia, hair transplant surgery, is not available as an option in many cases i. At the same, the latter treatment suffers from a number of disadvantages, including the need for surgery.Rodney Sinclair is principal investigator in a pharmaceutical company sponsored clinical trial investigating new treatments for male pattern baldness.

Hair loss is no longer an inevitable march to baldness. Medical advances over recent decades mean male hair loss can be treated. And it need not break the bank. The cause of male pattern baldness is well established as an act of nature not nurture.

Identical twins go bald at the same age, rate and pattern irrespective of diet, lifestyle or stress levels. Baldness is a complex polygenic trait: up to five genes are involved, and it is the interplay between these genesnot unlike the interaction between the wylex fuse box rcd in a poker hand, that determine the specifics of male pattern hair loss.

Finasteride is a Therapeutic Goods Administration-approved drug that dermatologists and general practitioners have been prescribing to treat hair loss for around 15 years.

Ru58841 And Heart Failure - Pure Bullsh*t?

It works by stopping the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in the prostate, by blocking an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. The benefits are clear: men who start taking daily finasteride at the first signs of hair loss will not go bald. Plus there are no interactions with other drugs. But there is a small risk of sexual side effects such as such as erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory problems and reduced libido, which require careful management by an experienced doctor.

Though it does not increase longevityas the reduction in risk is exclusively for low-risk prostate cancer which are not the type men generally die from. Developed in the s as a tablet to treat high blood pressure, minoxidil was an abject failure due to unwanted hair growth.

Re-invented as a lotion applied directly to the scalp, it was launched in the United States in and soon became popular around the world.

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No prescription or trip to the doctor is required, but talk to your pharmacist if you are taking any other medicines, especially high-blood-pressure medication. Hair removal laser has led to a renaissance in the use of minoxidil tablets, as doctors can now effectively manage the unwanted hair that was previously a deal breaker. Low doses of minoxidil, as low as one-fortieth of a tablet, can still grow hair with minimal effect on blood pressure and no need to put anything in your hair.

While finasteride works best at arresting progression of genetically programmed hair loss, some men will achieve partial regrowth. The sooner you begin treatment, the more hair there is to protect. Minoxidil is better at stimulating new growth rather than preventing progression. A bit like the bank manager who lends an umbrella when the sun is shining, and wants it back when it starts to rain, minoxidil works better before you go bald.

Men who still have hair regrow more hair than men who have lost it all. Men whose hair is too far gone to be saved by tablets and lotions might consider hair transplantation surgerya cosmetic surgical procedure that has improved dramatically in recent years.

Various techniques are available, but all involve taking hair-bearing skin from one part of the scalp and grafting these pieces of skin onto bald or thinning areas of the scalp. Another option is follicular unit extraction. Rather than a strip of skin and a scar, donor tissue comprises multiple tiny punch grafts that heal invisibly by wound contraction.

Further dissection of these grafts releases single hair follicle units that can be implanted one by one into the bald scalp to recreate a natural hair line. The only limiting factor for follicular unit extraction is whether there is enough remaining donor hair to transplant. While chest and body hair have been used when donor hair is poor, artificial hair implants, also TGA-approved, remain the last resort.

Artificial hairs cover the scalp, but do not grow and grey and regenerate like hair transplants. What about other suggested treatments such as vitamins, dietary supplements, lasers, stem-cell therapy and platelet rich plasma? At this stage the most generous interpretation of the available data is that they are unproven, expensive and poor value compared with the TGA-approved treatments. Edition: Available editions Global Perspectives.Many sellers try to sell people "revolutionary natural hair regrowth products" with similar stories 1 Their products are made of naturals ingredients and free of any "terrible side effects of minoxidil or finasteride".

The natural ingredients are clinical proven to work better than minoxidil or finasteride. You are very skeptical about the products, but you may want to give the products a try because you are like "what can I lose since I have days money back guarantee and the ingredients are natural so I won't have any side effects".

That thought is very wrong. Although you may be able to get your money back after going through tons of hassles, wasting half of year of precious time that could be spent on the right treatment is very costly, because the longer you wait, the more difficult to treat your hair loss problem.

In addition, it adds tremendous distress when seeing your hair fall helplessly continue, which will exacerbate the your hair loss. Natural ingredients are not side effects free. In fact, they can be very dangerous.

I will explain this more toward the end of the blog. More importantly, the scientific studies they cited all turn out to be flawed or completely wrong. So your wish that the product may magically work, unfortunately, will not happen.

Here we are going to through a few naturals ingredients that are touted by some sellers that work better than minoxidil and finasteride but without any side effects. We will show you how wrong their claims are. Here are the natural ingredients that will be examined here: Peppermint Oil, Rosemary oil, Safflower Extract, Oleuropein, Magnesium oil, apple cider vinegar. Full article can be downloaded here. The results are shown in Figure 1. Peppermint oil appeared to be unbelievably effective at a first glance.

Nonetheless, if you take a close look at the data, you will see the results are very suspicious. How could that be possible? Keep in mind that the mice were healthy without any balding issue. As you guys may know, there was a person who apparently got heart failure after 3 doses of RU Most people aren't concerned and took it. › threads › RUWarning. A low percentage of people have experienced heart pressure/pain and/or shortness of breath after using RU after as little as one week. › PEDsR › comments › does_ru_cause_heart_dama. This reputation stems from its population growth and ecological data worksheet answer key impact on heart function.

The most famous example of this is a long one, but the TL:DR is that RU › › Peptides and Growth Factors. A reported symptom of people using RU is periods of short breath and chest tightness. A STRONG ANDROGEN LIKE RU HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BLOCK THE. I hear a lot of good things about it but then i read on a forum about some guy with heart problems as a result within a matter of days. Research has identified a link between hair loss and cardiovascular disease, Take, for instance, a little drug called RU RU, also known as PSK or HMR, is a non-steroidal anti-androgen.

receptor-neprilysin inhibitor (ARNi) for hypertension and heart failure. I have been clinically diagnosed with Heart Failure. My heart does not pump enough blood for the body anymore and I have months and maybe a. mood and cognition (11), cardiovascular disease (12,13), sexual function RU An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc.

It was called RU and it is an experimental drug. When reading about something like heart failure it seems that the advanced. This article includes what to expect from RU, a description of what year old claims RU caused heart failure in him after 3 uses?

Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease 28(3): () Evaluation of RU as an anti-androgen in prostate PC3 cells and a topical. RU Side Effects. Topical RU has a very short half-life (1 hr) in comparison to the oral ingestion of Finasteride (6 hrs) and. RU -Lyphar Product Name:RU Appearance:White powder CAS No M.F.:C17H18F3N3O3 Assay% Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade Certificate:ISO men treated with it for heart failure, and for this reason, spironolactone has been regarded as contraindicated in patients with prostate cancer.

Do not take avanafil if you are also using a nitrate drug for chest pain or heart problems. This includes nitroglycerin, isosorbide dinitrate.