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I do think you have a reasons to believe thats its true. The mysterious older brother of Shoto who appears in his flashbacks his name mentioned by Natsuo. Lamp light is very small, not as intense as regular fire is but illuminates gentle light considered very warm. This could support the theory of Toya being psychically weak when compared to the rest of his siblings. This references Endeavor breeding program to surpass all might for a child with a superior quirk grooming the eldest for his goal.

Here is another thing I would like to mention this. Figuratively, it describes an anticlimax or a disappointing end after a promising start. Endeavor began his 1-man eugenics program with the hope of surpassing All Might, yet Dabi most likely failed him as the first-born. An arrow is pulled back and released to hit its target in a straight line. Why is no one in the family talking about it why is no one mentioning any of this except Natsuo?

It describes a little about his personality. As shown in the image Dabi is relatively rude and ill-mannered seen when even insulting Tomura when they first met. Dabi is even rude to other people and members in the league of villains referring them as wack jobs. Dabi has no regard to his surroundings willing to burn down anything to accomplish his goal. Seen when he set fire to Beasts forest and burn minuscule villains for this. Other stuff about Dabi may seem irrelevant but it could talk more about Dabi as a character.

Is Dabi really Toya the missing brother of Shoto? This is just my thought process.

How Did Dabi Get His Scars? Spoilers Ahead

References gabrielashy. Now Playing Tracks. Apollos the god of medicine as well as the plague. I believe that it caries on a much deeper meaning for Dabi. If thats the case….The series follows the story of a quirkless boy in a world full of heroes and villains. During one opportune moment, he meets his idol, which was the No. All Might makes him eat a strand of his hair in order to pass his quirk to him. One for All, the quirk that's been passed down, allows Midoriya to use supernatural strength.

However, his body back then cannot withstand such strength yet, so he trained hard to withstand the quirk's backlash. When he enters the most renowned heroic high school, he meets the greatest friends he could ever ask for.

Two of his classmates are his greatest rivals, Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki. Bakugo and Midoriya have known each other since childhood, but they didn't get along that well. Todoroki, on the other hand, is the son of Endeavor, the then-No. Through his backstory, the series reveals how bad of a father Endeavor is. He's the reason behind Shoto's scar on his eye, and it's also said that he's the reason why Shoto's big brother died. However, a big plot twist reveals that Toya is actually alive and kicking, and he has another big announcement to make.

He tells the world how bad Endeavor is. As the fans already know, Endeavor has an obsession with surpassing All Might. Right from the beginning, he's been dead set on getting stronger and acquiring more power. Even his marriage is arranged to further his quirk.

Their first child, Toya Todoroki, has inherited aspects from both parents. However, the combination isn't a perfect fit. Even though he inherits Endeavor's flames, he also inherits his mother's body.

That means he overheats when using his quirk. That's not the only thing he inherits from Endeavor. He also acquires Endeavor's passion for getting stronger and surpassing All Might.

This leads to self-destructive acts no matter how much Endeavor and Rei discourage him. In an attempt to finally stop him from pushing himself towards the path of self-destruction, Endeavor and Rei continue to try conceiving the perfect balance.

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The rest is history. My Hero Academia revealing Dabi's childhood temperament changes a lot of things. First and foremost, it makes fans reconsider Endeavor in a different light. His obsession has led to a couple of unfortunate events, but it seems like he's not as bad as fans initially thought him to be. Second, his past self is also a reflection of his current self. He doesn't have a sob story like the other villains of the series. In fact, he may just be doing what he wants for the sheer joy of it.

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Related Topics Comics News my hero academia manga.The villains and their plans also matter. Well, most of this is because the heroes tend to shine, and the villains are despised for their roles. But think about it. The story revolves around a world where people with quirks similar to superpowers live. There, lives a young-odd-boy named Izuku Midoriya, whose dream is to someday be like All Might.

All Might is what Izuku idolizes. However, his doubles is not limited to him only. Through physical contact, any object or person can be doubled twice. Also read: Will Toya Todoroki Die? When Jin was in middle school, both of his parents were killed in an attack by a villain. He had no other blood relatives whom he could rely on.

Now think of it this way. No one to trust, No one to talk to, No one to spend time with, Feeling of loneliness slowly turning into depression, Depression slowly turning into a disorder Associative disorderYou what to do? We all, if we are in that position, will seize any upcoming opportunity that is placed before us, no?

Jin was. He made many, talked with them, and tried to trust himself. However, his plan turned upside down. Their clones, being exact replicas of Jin, each began to claim that they were the original Jin. The fighting continued for several days, with only the original Jin left, and all the other clones shattered.

From then on, Jin could not even believe in himself, thinking that he was not the original Jin and could shatter if he was injured.

Jin encounters Giron soon after this incident. He told Jin that there were people like him in the world and recommended Jin to join a group of similar personalities. Readers of the manga are aware of the circumstances that led him to die, which was quite sad. In chapterHawks was stabbed in the back twice. Hawks, the number 2 hero, is actually at odds with the League of Villains, as he plays a detective, exposing himself to the League, saying he wants to help.

Twice the Hawks asked him to teach them about the Meta Liberation ideology, and the two spent much time that way. After being able to spend time with Twice, Hawks comes to the conclusion that Twice is actually a good person. And he finally finds out that this whole time, Hawks was actually using Twice. Twice were heartbroken knowing this.Toya Todorokifirst introduced by his villain alias Dabiis a character from the My Hero Academia fandom.

Toya is a member of the League of Villains and a part of the Todoroki family, even though he does not live with them. At first, he was the first one on being born in the family, and soon Enji started on training him so Toya could be the perfect creation he wanted. His hair was crimson, but with his father's training with time it became white with red. It is revealed that Toya trained hard for surpassing All Mightto the point that he always came back with injuries and burn marks with the training that Toya did even without his father.

When Shoto was born, he felt a bit away from his father while trying to say to look at him, because he did an improvement to his flames making them more powerful. As soon he disappeared and was implied to be dead by the family itself, he joined the LOV and dyed his hair black.

Soon, in the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Toga notices that Dabi had some paint remover with him, she then asks him the reason of that.

Toya only told her that it was going to be a surprise, leaving her with doubt. Meanwhile in the war, Shoto and Enji were doing their rescue missions and as soon they finished, Toya appeared before them so he can finally reveal his true identity as Toya Todoroki by applying hair remover on his dyed hair. Toya's youngest brother of the family. He has some sort of jealousy because of Shoto being Enji's "perfect creation" for the family.

Shoto didn't recognize him at first in the Forest Training Camp Arc, but Toya did show signs on recognizing him at first sight with the following phrase: "That's sad Both finally made to reunite in the Paranormal Liberation Arc War, with Toya applying paint remover on his hair and telling him that all the time he was Toya, his supposed dead brother.

Then, Toya attempts on killing Shoto by "hugging" him, but then gets interrupted by other heroes. After that, LoV retired from the place leaving Shoto and the others gravely injured. Since Toya was born, Enji trained him so he could be the perfect creation. But then Toya disappeared for then reappearing again in the Paranormal Liberation War arc in which Toya, after revealing his identity, told Enji on how much he despised him and so he would like to see him dancing in the hell's flames.

Former allies, and Dabi's possible worst enemy. After Hawks killed TwiceDabi felt a strong desire to kill Hawks. Shipping Wiki Explore.

Barchie Haikyu!! Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account?You could be busted any moment so you had to be careful. The only problem is the one obstacle in his way. First, he let you move into his flat, so could be close to each other at all times. Me being maya mesh combine disappear and being drunk too" You're nammeeee it's Dabi like dab" I continued to laugh.

I enjoyed voicing him, and hope to Dabi sighed and ran a hand through his black hair, putting his left hand into his pants' pocket. Request - Yandere Dabi's pregnant darling ran away from him and for 3 years has been living in hiding rather peacefully in another town or country with their child finally moving on dating someone else, until one stormy night she gets a very unexpected visitor at their door.

Summary: Yandere Dabi saves you. Amazed by You - Dean x Reader - fluff. Perfect Skin Type Loki x reader you try on face masks with Loki.

I hope u like it :3 bnha bokunoheroacademia dabi dabixreader leagueofvillains mha myheroacademia shigaraki toga togahimiko tomura tomurashigaraki Read period comfort fluff from the story dabi x Fem reader oneshots by hiddenflower with 2, reads. You were just chilling in his apartment with her, since you missed him a lot, when the door beeped, Seokjin and the boys walking in to see your new pet.

Holding your balance on his leg, you propel yourself as high as possible, rubbing against as much of his face as you can manage. Credit goes to owners for both original pictures and songs Pairing: Dabi x Fem Hero in training Reader. Reader x Hawks. Dirty Dares Todoroki Shouto x Reader A pair of pink arms slammed down on your desk, scaring the living daylights out of you just as you sat down.

Hcs He went to where you and your friends were gathering in secret. Crowley plopped down onto your couch, among the blankets she had horded last night. Part 1 fluff. Dabi x reader maybe a lemon. You open your eyes, then push him off. Quirk: Calico Cat Description: Allows the user to have features of a calico cat, meaning they can have heightened senses.

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With images 0 Verified 0 All stars 0 All stars 0 5 stars 0 4 stars 0 3 stars 0 2 stars 0 1 star 0.A recruit of the League who joined to push Stain's ideals. Black-haired, tall and lanky, Dabi has patchwork features, his face and body covered in purplish burnt skin, staples and skin grafts. His past is initially a mystery, and he goes by his villain name. Dabi possesses a fire-based Quirk that allows him to produce incredibly hot blue flames. Unlike other fire-users in the series, however, he has a weak constitution and is unable to withstand the heat of his own flames he actually has the ability to weather extreme cold.

His hair is actually white, under a black dye. His true name is eventually revealed: Toya Todoroki, the eldest son of the Todoroki family, presumed dead. He reveals himself to his father and brother as part of his quest to ruin Endeavor's life and destabilize Hero Society. Toya's early childhood was happy, and as he inherited his father's powerful Quirk, he grew to emulate his relentless ambition and dreams. But the flaws of "Quirk marriage" soon collapsed his hopes, as his body had not inherited Endeavor's fire resistance, and started suffering distressing burns.

Worried, and blaming himself, the Hero tried to dissuade his son from his dreams, ceased training him, and decided to grow his family further. Toya perceived this as abandonment; by the time Shoto was born, he was desperate for the attention his youngest sibling would receive, and lashed out, which started straining his relationship with his family. Come puberty, a growth spurt enhanced his Quirk, and he became convinced that he could win over his father by showing him his progress, so he arranged an encounter with him in the mountains.

Realizing that Toya hadn't ceased training on his own, Endeavor was horrified, stormed off, and chose not to meet him. Toya was devastated, and his heartbreak gave way to calamity: his Quirk lit him aflame, and with incomplete training, Toya was unable to regain control, as a massive conflagration swept the forest.

The only trace of his body to be recovered was a bone fragment, and this loss utterly broke the Todoroki family. Unbeknownst to the world, however, he had managed to survive. His sanity gone, he discarded his ties, and became Dabi, ragnarok apk mod murdering fiend out to slowly ruin his father, and the Society of Heroes he once strove for.

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When, at long last, you could stare your kids in the eye, didja finally start to feel the warm and fuzzy bonds of family?! You must've thought, "As long as I face the future, I can be better! Get it yet?! You reap what you sow! So let's tango, you and me, Enji Todoroki!

My Hero Academia Pinpoints The Exact Moment Toya Todoroki Started Becoming Dabi

A dance with your son, here in Hell! Dabi (荼 (だ) 毘 (び), Dabi), real name Toya Todoroki (轟 (とどろき) 燈 (とう) 矢 (や), Todoroki Tōya), is a major antagonist in the My Hero. Toya Todoroki, first introduced by his villain alias Dabi, is a character from the My Hero Academia fandom. Toya is a member of the League of Villains and a. My Hero Academia has revealed the exact moment that Toya Todoroki started to become Dabi. It's a pivotal moment in the backstory of Dabi and.

(SPOILERS) It's been revealed that Dabi is in fact Toya Todoroki, the son of Enji Todorok/Endeavor, and the eldest brother of Shoto. Dabi is a Todoroki. This video explains every single clue in the My Hero Academia anime that all-but-proves he is the son of Endeavour. Dabi, real name Toya Todoroki, is a major supporting antagonist in the series. He is a Villain affiliated with the League of Villains, and.

Dabi (Toya Todoroki) & Shoto Todoroki What To Do {BNHA Dabi X Villain! MY HERO ACADEMIA PICTURES - DABI IS A TODOROKI,FIGHT ME. More information. Nov 10, - ‪I've messed with red haired scarless Dabi (Touya?) but never white,,also havent really done manga edits before.‬. MANGA SPOILERS FOR ANIME ONLY MY HERO FANS!!!!

Well, one piece of evidence that we see is during a flashback sequence where we see Endeavor dragging Shoto. › Anime. Many prominent fan theories have suggested that, due to his powerful fire-based Quirk, Dabi might be Touya/Toya Todoroki, the eldest child.

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia explains Toya Todoroki's actions, which is deeply rooted from his childhood, and it changes a lot. His true name is eventually revealed: Toya Todoroki, the eldest son of the Todoroki family, presumed dead. He reveals himself to his father and brother as. Dabi's introduction to the series brought in many questions related to his identity. Ina popular fan theory on Reddit suggested that Dabi.

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We do know that Toya is the eldest of the Todoroki children. Fuyumi is 23, Natsuo 19, and Shoto is Meaning Toya is a. High quality Toya Todoroki-inspired gifts and merchandise. T-shirts, posters, stickers, Toya Todoroki (Dabi) - My Hero Academia *watercolor* Poster.

The revelation of Dabi's true identity as Toya Todoroki sure was a shocker– most of all for the. Toya Todoroki alias Dabi - Boku No Hero Academia. Published: Apr 6, By. SoppiBoopDraws. Watch. 3 Favourites. 0 Comments. 67 Views. Image details.